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فقط بیوورسال مثل بیوورسال خاموش میکند.

Imen Sazan Sepehr

Take your red capsules with Replace the biuveral blue capsules.

Bioversal capable of encapsulating hydrocarbons, inhibits fire in such a way that it will not be able to be re-ignited during operation and after any off-site operation. 1 - Bioversal, after being sprayed on flammable solids such as wood and rubber, quickly penetrate the surface layers, cooling the solid surface, blocking the surface pores and extinguishing the fire.
2. Bioversal by quickly and abundantly producing water vapor cools the fire atmosphere rapidly, replacing the ignited vapor and oxygen vapor, diluting the atmosphere of the fire and preventing the continuation of flame formation and inhibiting fire.

Bioversal suitable for bulk firefighting

Bioversal is a unique extinguisher with state-of-the-art technology for extinguishing bulky fires with the ability to control 3D fires.

Non-destructive Bioversal for humans

Bioversal is environmentally friendly, non-destructive to humans and protects the habitat of plants, animals and living microorganisms in nature and prevents any corrosion and damage.

Bioversal neutralizes non-flammable gases

Bioversal helps prevent dangerous drafts and flash over by neutralizing unburned gases in large fires, ensuring firefighters' safety and health.

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