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Imen Sazan Sepehr

فقط بیوورسال مثل بیوورسال خاموش میکند.
فقط بیوورسال مثل بیوورسال خاموش میکند.
Bioversal suitable for bulk firefighting

Bioversal is a unique extinguisher with state-of-the-art technology for extinguishing bulky fires with the ability to control 3D fires.

Non-destructive Bioversal for humans

Bioversal is environmentally friendly, non-destructive to humans and protects the habitat of plants, animals and living microorganisms in nature and prevents any corrosion and damage.

Bioversal neutralizes non-flammable gases

Bioversal helps prevent dangerous drafts and flash over by neutralizing unburned gases in large fires, ensuring firefighters' safety and health.

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