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Aerosol capsule

The price of aerosol capsules

Aerosol capsule is one of the useful tools and equipment in fire extinguishing systems of various buildings. The aerosol capsule contains an aerosol extinguisher that is obtained by combining solid powder with gas. The price of the aerosol capsule is determined based on its special features. For example, the volume of the capsule and its manufacturer's brand can be influential in determining the price of the aerosol capsule.

In general, every residential and office building or industrial environment needs an intelligent fire extinguishing system. The aerosol fire extinguishing system can be activated electrically, mechanically and chemically and suppress the fire in the shortest possible time. Of course, these capsules can also be activated manually.

Due to its excellent structural characteristics, aerosol fire extinguishers have a much wider application than common fire extinguishers. The materials used in aerosol capsules are useful in terms of preserving human health and the environment and do not have any dangerous complications for people.

کپسول ایروسل

Aerosol capsule

The aerosol capsule is considered as one of the best fire extinguishing tools that starts working through active sensors in the environment. Aerosol capsules contain fire extinguishing agents that consist of a combination of solid powder and gas. When the sensors in the environment detect heat, smoke or a spark, the capsule automatically releases the aerosol compound into the space. This compound prevents the fire from continuing by carrying out chain reactions and binding to free radicals.

Aerosol fire extinguishers have unique features that distinguish them from other fire extinguishers. The following are the features of aerosol capsules:

  • No annual charge required
  • Maintaining the health of the environment
  • Extinguishing the fire without affecting the oxygen level of the environment
  • Not causing respiratory problems due to inhalation of extinguishing agents
  • Not causing skin allergies in humans
  • Durability of materials in the environment for some time after the fire

Aerosol micrometer particles have a relatively large weight, which minimizes the amount of material required for fire suppression. These materials remain in the environment for about 40 minutes after the fire and prevent the fire from re-igniting. Aerosol capsules are disposable and must be purchased again after each use.

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Aerocel price

Aerosol capsules have more fans than common fire extinguishers. The reason for this is the high quality and efficiency of these capsules and their extraordinary efficiency in extinguishing fire. The price of aerosol capsules is determined based on various factors, including the following:

  • Aerosol capsule model
  • Volume and weight of aerosol capsule material
  • Manufacturer brand of aerosol capsules
  • production date
  • Capsule class
  • Capsule manufacturer country
  • Discharge time
  • Material discharge distance
  • Standards used

Regarding the installation of aerosol fire extinguishing system, it should be said that the cost of installing this type of system is also related to the peripheral equipment used. For example, for the better efficiency of the aerosol fire extinguishing system, it is necessary to use several sensors and thermometers in the environment. It is natural that the larger the environment, the more sensors and thermometers need to be increased. Therefore, the cost of installing a fire extinguishing system including aerosol capsules will increase accordingly.

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Having a fire extinguishing system with the highest quality is one of the necessities of a commercial, residential or industrial environment. Using aerosol capsules is one of the ways to equip and protect the environment against fire. To ensure the quality and price of aerosol capsules, it is necessary to buy these capsules from a reliable authority or company.

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