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Tadbir cylindrical aerosol capsule model TR100

کپسول آیروسل استوانه ای تدبیر مدل TR100
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مواد غیرسمی و نانو
اطفا حریق
5 seconds
A, B, C, E, F
Weight:650 g
Width:32 mm
Length:170 mm
Brand:Tadbir Tadbir

Tadbir cylindrical aerosol capsule model TR100 is one of the types of fire extinguishing capsules produced by Tadbir company. This capsule is one of the first examples of hybrid fire extinguishing capsules made of nano materials. This capsule, which detects the fire with the help of the device's sensor, extinguishes the fire by releasing gas, basically a series of fire extinguishing particles that are less than 10 microns in size. This capsule can be activated manually, thermally and electrically. The materials in this fire extinguisher are originally made of non-toxic and ineffective solid materials, which are an excellent and harmless alternative to FM200 gases, carbon dioxide, halon, halocarbons, chemical powders and inert gases. Among the features of this product, it can be mentioned that it is harmless to the environment, does not emit oxygen, simple installation, a lifespan of 15 years, does not damage the ozone layer and heat the earth, and does not destroy electrical and electronic devices. One of the most important features of the aerosol capsule is that it does not leave any residue after extinguishing the fire, and this is the highest advantage over other fire extinguishing products in the market. The most important applications of this product are in data centers, server rooms, transformer and generator rooms, office and commercial places, museums, tunnels, mines, buses, trains, mobile telecommunications sites, CNC machines, etc. There is up-to-date information on the Tadbir TR100 cylindrical aerosol capsule price on Sepehr Safeguards website, and you can inquire by visiting the site.

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