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1 Liter Bioversal fire extinguisher

5 5 0 1 Product

1 kg
بیوورسال آلمان
خودرو - مسکونی -
Mobarakeh Steel Sheet - oil 1.5 , 2 mm
Ordinary sprayer
Over 25 sec at medium speed upwards
American or Austrian
Weight:1 kg
Brand:Tadbir Tadbir

Bioversal 1 liter capsule is one of the types of bioversal capsules that is offered in Tadbir company. Bioversal is a unique fire extinguisher with the ultra-modern production technology of Germany from plant bases (from nature and to preserve the environment), in order to extinguish large-scale fires with the ability to control fire in three-dimensional space. Biversal controls the fire in such a way that during operation and after operation, any extinguished area will not have the possibility of re-ignition, and by neutralizing the unignited gases in large fires, it prevents the dangerous phenomena of back draft and flash over. And by preventing the production of toxic gases, it guarantees the safety and health of firefighters. Some international standards of bioversal materials are EN1568-3, ICAO LEVEL B, DIN14272, UL162, NEN-EN3, GOST, IMO/MSC1, TNO-Building & Technologies, Research Project Moscow KEMA Nederland B.V. Among the characteristics of bioversal materials, we can mention being non-toxic, environmentally friendly, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and highly capable of extinguishing large-scale fires. The functioning of Bioversal in extinguishing fire is such that Bioversal has the ability to disable powerfully and simultaneously all four factors that generate and spread fire as described below. 1-Oxygen, with the help of its detergents, Bioversal creates a layer of non-toxic foam on the fire, which prevents the exchange of oxygen with combustible materials. 2-Heat, with the help of active substances on its surface, Bioversal reduces the surface tension of water from 72mN/m to 12mN/m, and causes the permeability and increase of the water's cooling properties and quickly reduces the temperature of the fire. 3-Fuel, bioversal encapsulating material encloses and confines the surface molecules of the fuel, so that they lose their power of evaporation and fuel properties and are not flammable again. 4- Fire chain, bioversal by enclosing and absorbing emitted and unburned gases, breaks the fire chain and prevents any kind of explosion. As a multi-purpose fire extinguisher, Biversal has the ability to extinguish all types of fire and has shown good ability in suppressing fires of special materials such as magnesium, red phosphorus, white phosphorus and solid fuel. (In electrical fires, it is necessary to cut off the electricity). Bioversal concentrate can be diluted to six percent (94 liters of water and 6 liters of Bioversal concentrate) and charged in ordinary capsules (similar to water and gas or powder and gas or foam). The instructions for inspecting the bioversal capsule are that the extinguisher should be inspected regularly and monthly for serviceability. If the needle of the extinguishing pressure gauge is not in the green range, it must be recharged. Extinguisher pressure must be completely discharged before opening and recharged immediately after each use. For information about the products and the updated price of Bioversal 1 liter capsule, visit the website of Ayman Sazan Sepehr Company or contact our experts.

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